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Sweet Ontario business gets its start with enlightening business plan

CompanyRainbow Bubbles
Industry:Accommodation and Food Services
City:Markham, Ontario
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Business plan helps launching desert business

Markham, Ontario's Judy Wong loved the sweet traditional Asian desserts her grandmother made for her when she was young. There was grass jelly, which is like a dark green Asian JELL-O made from a twig-like grass in the mint family, usually served with sugar syrup or mixed with fruit. And tofu pudding, laced with sugar syrup, was a particular favorite. Pretty quickly she had the idea to turn her passion into a business. With a professional business plan from the Centre for Business Plan Development, she could confirm her target group and more.

Collecting desert recipes from around the world

"I really loved it, and I kind of watched from the side, so I learned all the recipes," says Wong. As she grew up, she travelled to various places around the world, and learned the desserts of the countries she visited. "I love desserts," she says simply.

Turning a passion into a business

Eventually, she realized her passion could be the key to a successful business. Her sister, Wendy, worked in the restaurant industry, and had been making bubble teas in her restaurant. These sweetly flavored beverages from Taiwan are made from various combinations of tea, fruit, fruit syrup and milk, and often contain tapioca balls or pearls made of jelly. They're shaken just before serving, and the frothy foam gives the drink it's name.

Sisters join skills to open-up business

"With my passion for cooking and making desserts, and my sister in her restaurant business, we thought we could combine our resources and open up a dessert place," says Wong. They enlisted the help of Wong's good friend from high school, Joe Zhou, who had experience as co-owner of another business. This was just last summer, but Rainbow Bubbles is ready to open its doors in a busy Markham mall next month.

Desserts for any taste

The mall features several Asian eateries and a "dai pai dong" (Chinese food court), so it's a prime location for this unique dessert emporium. But Rainbow Bubbles doesn't just feature Asian delectables. With the surge in popularity of cupcake outlets, that tasty North American treat is also on the menu. "Our main goal is not to just specialize in one thing," says Wong. "We want it to be open for everyone, offer something for everyone."

Decision to go with a business plan service

To prepare to seek financing, the trio initially worked on their own business plan. But things got busy very quickly once they signed the lease on their unit in First Markham Place. Arranging for suppliers and contractors and all the other details of launching a new business had them working furiously. They decided to turn to the professionals at the Centre for Business Plan Development.

Writer supports sisters with business plan for company launch

Her business plan writer unearthed the demographics of Wong's target market, younger Asians, and Wong was pleased to learn that Rainbow Bubbles was perfectly situated in Markham. "The older people, especially Asians, go with necessity more than impulse buying," says Wong. "The younger groups of people are the ones that will be going out to movies and spending on these kinds of sweets. The business plan writer found what we needed in the statistics." Wong advises budding entrepreneurs to thoroughly research their ideas. "And make sure that whatever their specializing in, be well-prepared. Keep learning and searching for new ideas."

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