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B.C heating and gas specialist turns to BPD to help expand his business into a storefront

CompanyPro Pacific Heating
Industry:Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
City:Port Alberni, British Columbia
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Funding business plan to secure additional financing

Rob Mooney opened a storefront in British Columbia for his heating business and needed a funding business plan to secure extra financing for his business. He turned to the Centre for Business Plan Development and received a professional business plan that showed him new opportunities for his business.

From paper to heating industry

Rob Mooney was an engineer in the paper industry for many years, and he had a bit of background in plumbing as well. "Then, I decided to jump head over heels into this heating industry," he says with a laugh. Back in 1993, he launched R. Mooney Industries – a heating and gas contracting business, and for years he had a thriving business working out of his home in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Then, he started to think bigger. He decided to open a storefront to allow homeowners and contractors to see the products he offered – including fireplaces, ranges, dryers, barbecues, furnaces, cook tops, pool heaters, commercial appliances, water heaters and more. Last June, he opened Pro Pacific Heating & Gas Supplies.

Taking the business to the next level

"The only way to grow is to take it to the next level," he says. "Now, I don’t know if it's a good idea or not seeing as the economy is so flat, but that's a gamble everyone has to take." He has a part-time apprentice and a full-time receptionist on staff at the new store, and he says feedback from customers about the move has been great. "It's about getting the exposure – letting people know that you're out there," says Mooney. "With the name change it takes a little while to educate people that you're still doing the same stuff."

Funding business plan necessary for a real chance at government funding

He recognized that to grow his business further he needed funding, and that meant a persuasive business plan. "You must have a business plan if you're going to apply for any type of funding," he says. "If you don't, they're not even going to give you the time of day." But engulfed in renovating his new store, Mooney was far too busy to work on it himself. And to get a funding business plan, he reasoned that his best move would be to hand the job to professionals.

Working with professionals to ensure the best result

He worked closely with the team at the Centre for Business Plan Development. "It was quite simple," he says. "I basically gave them all the information and they prepared it." He came away with a plan that outlined his financial projections and made a strong case for the growth he could achieve with more inventory and a second service truck – alongside increased marketing and employee training.

Advice for business owners

"The business plan was top notch," says Mooney, whose advice for business owners is straightforward. "Definitely put a lot of time into your homework, and don't expect things to happen instantly," he says. "It's a long and slow process, and as long as you stick with it, and believe in what you do, you will succeed."

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