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U.S scientific and medical staffing agency defines vision and goals with help from BPD

CompanyMARC'S World Wide Scientific/Medical Resources
Industry:Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
City:Midland, Texas
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Business plans help to receive financing

With the right experience in the form of a father and son operation, Michael and Carl Williams were able to start a business that offers HR services in the medical field. In order to receive financing, they decided to go with business plans from the Centre for Business Plan Development to increase their chances.

Educated in managing medical personnel

Carl Williams’ son, Michael Williams, had retired from a successful career in the U.S. Navy five years ago, and he'd continued to work in the same capacity as a private contractor/Federal Civilian employee in Egypt. He sourced and managed the scientific and medical personnel requirements for the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit 3, Cairo, Egypt – the largest U.S. Military overseas research laboratory. He did the same for the embedded U.S. based Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other branches throughout a region covering Southwest Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. But he'd long thought about putting his experience and knowledge of the network into a larger independent operation.

Taking the step to starting a business

When he got the call from his son, Carl Williams was settling into a well-deserved retirement after a full and varied career that included Texas law enforcement and running his own businesses – once a very successful photography operation. "He called me last May," says Carl, in Midland, Texas. "He said he had one contract that he could get if we could get it together. He said, 'Dad, let's put this together.' I said 'Okay,' and we were pretty much ready by the middle of July."

Providing qualified scientific and medical personnel

Father and son established MARC'S World Wide Scientific/Medical Resources, LLC sources qualified personnel for education, research and implementation of public health activities – for the scientific and medical communities worldwide. "A lot of hospitals and research facilities don't have the time to go out and look for people. They want someone who has a base of qualified personnel," says Carl. "In essence, these people work for us, and we contract them to research facilities and hospitals." MARC'S sourcing occurs both online and on the ground. The internet provides an excellent means of matching personnel to facilities, and Michael's contacts and extensive international network, established during two decades of working in the field, are what give MARC'S the edge.

Need for funding becomes apparent

"The need is probably greater than he and I even realized," says Carl, who realized early on that a healthy injection of cash would allow MARC'S to quickly establish itself as a leader in the field. He turned to professionals to draft a targeted business plan to raise funding. "We have quite a bit of capital," says Carl, "But we'd like to be in even better shape. We want to hit the ground running."

Professional business plans sharpen goals

Working with professionals helped sharpen MARC's vision and goals, and Carl was pleased with the resulting document. "The proof will be in the pudding," he says. "However, our CPA was ecstatic. She said so few of her clients have business plans that she was amazed that as a start-up we were so focused. She was actually a little shocked."

Advice to entrepreneurs

Carl advises entrepreneurs to seize their dreams. "When my son called, we decided we'd just back our ears and do it. That's my advice to anyone who wants to start a business. If you sit around and talk about it, you panic a bit, and it'll never happen. You just have to back your ears and do it."

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