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Mobile personal trainer targets corporate wellness

CompanyRob Mungall Fitness
Industry:Health Care and Social Assistance
City:Edmonton, Alberta
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New business plan opens up funding possibilities

As a personal trainer, Edmonton's Rob Mungall knows the benefits of establishing a foundation and building on it, achieving each goal before moving on to the next. He began his career by enrolling in the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and graduating with honors from the Personal Fitness Training Program. Since then, he's amassed a variety of certifications, including completing a practicum at Edmonton's Royal Alexandra Hospital's staff gym, where he continues to work as coordinator of the fitness program. He also took business courses from high school on up, learning financial management, marketing and other business skills. With a new business plan from the Centre for Business Plan Development, Mungall could expand his personal training business.

From freelancing work to owning a small business

After two years of working freelance as a personal trainer, he was ready to launch his own small business a mobile personal training service. Rob Mungall Fitness provides personal trainers who arrive at your home, office or elsewhere, along with all the equipment you need to get a good workout. And now, after four years of building the business, he's ready to take it to the next level seizing opportunities in the lucrative and growing market for corporate wellness. With help from the Centre for Business Plan Development, he has the tools to make it happen.

Mobile trainers come to homes and offices

By 2006, Mungall knew he had the basic skills and experience to launch his own business. "As my reputation grew, that's when I really said, Okay, I'm going to break off and start a company," he says. Beginning on his own, and slowly building a team of training specialists, he began to offer physical training services to individuals and businesses throughout the Edmonton area. A trainer travels to the client's location, which may be their home, their office if it has a gym onsite, or a municipal fitness facility. The trainer brings along such fitness equipment as a stability ball, weights, skipping ropes, exercise bands, small hurdles, and suspension trainers. "You don't need a lot of equipment to get an effective workout," says Mungall.

Mobile training business grows quickly

Business grew quickly, to the point where now, even with additional trainers on staff, he starts training at 6 a.m. and isn't done till 7 p.m. "Im turning away some people right now because I dont have the resources to implement enough," says Mungall. "I really started thinking that I needed more of a business plan to get myself organized, because if I want to grow the business, which I want to do, I better know where I'm going and how I'm going to get help."

Corporate wellness forms new trend worth investing in

He also recognized a growing niche in corporate wellness, in which companies make an investment in employee health through onsite fitness programs. "I already have three companies that are doing corporate wellness with me," says Mungall. "I set up a system that basically tracks how much they're spending per employee and what kind of return they're going to get on that. I've seen the potential, and I believe that the time is right for corporate wellness in Edmonton right now." With the money he raises, he plans to refine his website and set up a separate site for corporate wellness, as well as sharpen his marketing and branding. Although he always had a plan for the business, he hadn't formalized it, which is a requirement for anybody who wants to receive funding. He realized it made sense to call on professionals.

New business plan pays off

"Right now I pretty much wear all the hats, and it's really easy to feel you're saving if you're doing everything," he says. "But making the investment in professionals to help you will take a load of stress off your shoulders. I was trying to do the business plan on my own, and between everything else, it would take me four or five months. So it was really worth it. "How much is your time worth to you?" he continues. "Don't be afraid to get help. Whatever you can afford to pay, you can recover it. Time is money, and if you're doing something that you're really not an expert in, it's probably not going to work. You really should go to the experts. Let them do what they do, so you can do what you do best.

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