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Saskatchewan farmer cultivates business plan to expand operations and increase revenues

CompanyWozniak Farm
Industry:Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
City:Glenavon, Saskatchewan
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Farming operation needs business plan

Even the most established businesses can use a sound business plan to chart new approaches and future growth. That's what Devin Wozniak has discovered as he looks to take his agricultural operation to the next level of success. Wozniak Farm produces wheat, durum, canola, peas and flax on the operations sprawling 1650 acres near Glenavon Saskatchewan, and Wozniak is looking to expand operations and increase revenues.

Changing farming practices

Devin and his wife, Nancy, took over the family farm when Devin's dad passed away in 2003, and they immediately began to make changes in the farming practices. "I dabbled with my dad," says Devin. "But I was running a different business at the time, and then when he passed away, I changed everything the farming practice, the equipment. I also changed my attitude and started learning more and kept going from there." The new approach paid off quickly. "There were instant results," he says. "The farm was in pretty bad shape when he died. I instantly started improving it."

Improvements to farm pay off

His improvements have included new seeding practices employing direct seeding and growing different quantities of various crops. Direct seeding into the previous crop's stubble reduces tillage, which conserves soil and moisture and improves soil quality. It also reduces the need for some equipment, cutting fuel, labor and repair costs. And it provides the opportunity to increase cropping diversity and intensity, which can lead to higher net returns.

A professional business plan writer can help every business

But farming is more than sound agricultural practices; it's a business that's affected by economic factors as much as any manufacturing operation. "The prices of everything like equipment and land are increasing," says Devin. "Theyre allowing foreign ownership, so people are moving in and land values have shot up and equipment has tripled in price." These pressures and the push for growth led Devin to a sound conclusion he needed a professionally prepared business plan. "We had a very good experience," says Devin. "Our writer was very understanding, attentive, professional, and efficient. The end result was very impressive. It was kind of nice to just see what my operation looked like, and it made me feel good."

Business plans are handy to have when looking for financing

He advises small business owners in any industry to follow his path. "I'd say its worthwhile. It's handy to have a business plan when you go to a lending institution. It shows your growth. Id recommend it especially if you want to apply for loans and grants."

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