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The framework for father and son construction business takes shape

CompanyRory O'Connor & Sons Construction
City:Calgary, Alberta
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Professional business plan helps grow business in Alberta

Rory O'Connor chose a professional business plan for his new construction business as he was going to start his new business in another country. He zeroed in on Calgary, thanks to Alberta's attractive taxes. A native of Ireland, O'Connor began looking to create a professional business plan when the Irish economy took a turn for the worse, and his previously successful construction business faced a severe drop in business.

"There's no work there," he says. "There's a thousand people a week emigrating. The economy – nobody's willing to build or buy anything." He'd always wanted to see Canada, so when he decided to make the move, he reviewed the prospects across the country. Alberta's economy and tax rates caught his eye. "Alberta had the lowest tax rates, which is a big thing for me."

Building a business

Now, O’Connor is preparing to launch Rory O'Connor and Sons Construction, and he's got a professional business plan to help him do it. After arriving in Canada, O'Connor quickly found work with a developer who buys older apartment buildings and renovates them for resale. "What I’m trying to do is build up revenue as much as possible for the next 11 months and then take it from there," says O'Connor.

He plans to build Rory O'Connor and Sons into a thriving construction business, and since he's already done it once, his prospects are much better than average. "I think I can offer an awful lot, because I seem to hear a lot of people saying that the quality of the workmanship around is very poor," he says. "I can offer a much higher quality and finish."

O'Conner has 12 years experience under his belt, and his focus was always on quality details and extra touches without the extra cost. That's evident in his portfolio from his work in Ireland, which gives him a head start. But now he needs to re-establish his company's assets in Canada, including such necessities as tools and a vehicle – not to mention all the other costs of running a business.

A professional business plan helps

When he began searching for financing and government grants, he soon realized he needed a professionally prepared business plan to get him in the door. He called on the Centre for Business Plan Development. "The planning process went very well," he says. "My experience throughout was very professional and pleasant."

With a plan in hand, O'Connor stresses that hands-on immersion in the work is what really will help him learn the market. "It's meeting people on the ground, really, that helps you understand that – and actually doing the work," he says. It's hard work. O'Connor is working 12 to 14 hour days. "But I had to do it at the start as well when I started up my own company," he says. "I'm hoping to get building going, and in about 12 months start hiring lads." And with his professional business plan backed up by his experience, he's well on his way. "I've made all the mistakes," he says with a laugh. "I don't need to make them again."

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