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Alberta couple turns to the business plan pros to help build their HVAC start-up

CompanyExcalibur Heating & Air Conditioning
Industry:Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Retail Trade
City:Spruce Grove, Alberta
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Staying on track with a professional business plan

Some time ago, Sharon Poole created her own business plan for the company she'd launched at the time. "She said it was a total nightmare," says her husband Ken, who, along with Sharon, has just launched Excalibur Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. in Spruce Grove, Alberta. "She said we should just get it done professionally, and let them do all the dirty work."

Professional business plan help

The Pooles turned to Centre for Business Plan Development to help them chart a course for their new business. They were extremely pleased with the result and with their business plan writer. "She worked tirelessly, even on weekends and evenings," says Ken. "It gave us new ideas, it was fantastic. I don't know where she pulled all this information from, but I mean holy moly."

Being your own boss

Ken ran his own HVAC business a number of years ago, and when his previous marriage broke up; he got out of it for a while, going to work for another company. But it wasn't long before the entrepreneurial itch got him again. "I'm sick and tired of working for somebody else," he says of the decision. "In your own business, you're in control of what goes on." The new company will offer installation and repair services for heating and air conditioning, and the Pooles will also offer consultation, design and installation to help homeowners make their houses more energy efficient.

Keeping the focus with the help of a business plan

While the prospects looked good for Excalibur in their neck of the woods, Sharon recommended that they get a business plan together to help them map out the best way to grow their business. "It helps you focus," says Ken. "Helps us focus on what we have to do or what we need to do, rather than just going at it willy nilly and whatever happens happens. At least with a business plan in front of you, you pretty much try to stick to it. It's there in black and white. It's something that's there to refer back to and keep you on target."

Slowly increasing profits

Even before their official launch, Ken was lining up clients and quoting on jobs. He expects to be tackling both the new business and maintaining his full-time job. "We're active now, but I'm still working for another company, so things are probably going to get a little hairy," he says with a laugh. He expects the business to grow over the next year and take off in the second year. "I'm not going to say double what we do in the first year, but I would expect at least a 20 to 30 percent increase. I don't want it to grow really fast either, because then I can lose control. You want to establish yourself in the marketplace before you have to start hiring people. And when we do, at least I can pick and choose who I employ."

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