Hooking Your Readers with the Executive Summary
Business Plan Writing Tips

The executive summary could be the first and last chance to convince readers of your company’s potential. If these one or two pages of your plan do not intrigue readers, you can be sure that they won’t read further. Here are some tips to help avoid this :

Make it Comprehensive

It has to be complete in the overview of the whole business plan. Every section has to conclude in one to two paragraphs. Your main points should be clear and concise - the customer segments you will hit, the competition you have and the advantages you will create. Even if one step is missing, the readers will be confused and think that you are incapable. Any unusual parts like marketing to a niche should be explained. Include citations in reports and statistics from solid sources.

It Should Be Concise

The summary should not contain any unnecessary language or the same information over and over. It should fit two pages and even one is better. Read it over and make sure it is to the point. Get rid of anything not fitting and keep the flow and content.

Making it Formal

An executive summary should have a formal and professional style like the rest of the plan. It should not sound trite or pushy like a car salesperson. Investors will take to the argument and the opportunity and the talent of your team and not your zealousness.


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