Creating Interest in Your Business Plan
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The most gratifying aspect of developing a business plan is piquing the interest of investors and lenders enough for them to want to write a check. Writers need to infuse their plans with the right balance of optimism and enthusiasm, without being overblown or unrealistic. In other words, your story must be convincing while still being reliable; compelling while still maintaining your credibility.

Having optimism will show investors that you are certain of the market opportunity, your abilities and the prospect itself. Over-optimism, on the other hand, might lead potential investors to believe that your team doesn’t understand the opportunity or any of the hurdles that lie ahead of you.

Business plans need to be both sincere and grounded in reality. Investors need to see honest market forcecasts and plausible ideas for further company growth.

In summary, your business plan should stimulate investors to take action. It needs to be positive and upbeat, without being overzealous. It also needs to portray a forceful, optimistic picture with enough hard facts and forward-thinking to build excitement.


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