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More and more corporate workers are leaving their jobs and starting new ventures on their own. When taking this step, it is important that their goals are solid because they could very well determine the success or failure of any venture.

Unfortunately, most new entrepreneurs have motives that donít lead to long-range success. Some of these include:

While these goals could be achieved by starting a new venture, they shouldn't be the sole reason for starting one. Core goals should be deep ambitions that drive you to succeed even in harsh times. For instance, building a company that will make a difference in peopleís lives rather than to jumpstart the career of its founder and employees.

Having goals like:

Are these sincere goals that will motivate you for the long term?

When considering leaving a corporate position to launch a new venture on your own, you should review your personal goals and make sure they are worthy of taking that step. If not, you may later find yourself in a position where your needs are not being met and your venture is failing. If your goals are imprinted in your body, soul and mind then you will be truly motivated and will do whatever it takes to launch and grow your venture, no matter what hurdles might come your way.


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