Putting Together the Management Team
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Every business has at least one manager. In general terms, the founder of the company takes the primary role on the team, but this may not always be the case. Every successful business plan speaks in detail about the many qualifications of the management team. Many times, additional partners are added to the management team to ensure all qualifications are met.

What should you say about every manager?

When you are writing about the managers of your company, make sure to include biographical information. This will show the qualifications of each manager for the function that they will be in charge of. Avoid mentioning irrelevant past jobs if they do not demonstrate the benefits of their current tasks. Try to include all other related positions.

When you are looking for relevant information include things like past jobs, licenses and certifications, industry recognition, education, volunteer work and teaching experience. Your management selection should be clear based on your description. In other words, the reader should understand why you have chosen each individual for the task.

What management skills are needed?

The management team should cover a number of skills, not just one or two. You should have one person that is qualified to head sales and customer service. This person should have relevant experience in the proper industry. If your company will be hiring employees, you should have a hiring manager with experience in supervising and firing, as well as hiring. You should have a manager with industry and technical experience in your field. This candidate should be able to train employees, design relevant operations systems, and eventually train new trainers.

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