The Pros and Cons of Business Plan Software
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If you are putting together your own business plan, chances are you have already performed a Google search and found results for business plan software. If you are unfamiliar with the business plan format, you will need help from outside sources. Here are some pros and cons to using business plan software.


Good business plan software programs can take your raw material, numbers and ideas and turn them into a standard business plan template. A standard template can save you valuable time. Business plan software will be very helpful in assisting you to complete your financial statements. You will also be able to choose from generated statements automatically.

Good business plan software programs will give you the ability to customize the layout of your plan. You will also be able to edit the wording of your plan to ensure that it is specific to your industry.


Using business plan software is not recommended if you are uncertain as to how to research your market or where to find startup costs. You will need the help of a business plan consultant, as business plan software will be useless in this area.

Though business plan software will help you write your plan faster, it will not launch a successful product or service. Using software is no guarantee of improving your chances of getting funding.

Keep in mind that many software programs offer limited or basic versions that are free or inexpensive, with a premium version available at an expensive rate. This is a way to hook you in - once you realize that the basic version will not be able to accommodate your needs.

When looking for software, evaluate the success of real clients that have received funding from using their product. If no clients exist, you are much better off hiring a professional business plan writer to help you.


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