10 Sections for a More Refined Business Plan
Business Plan Writing Tips

A business plan follows an order and standard outline with basic information covering the who, what, where, when, and why of the idea. The same plan can be used for different funders and partners you are bringing on board.

Each business plan should cover these sections in this order:

1. Executive Summary: This summarizes the contents of the business plan, creating a mini 1-2 page description.

2. Overview: This is the background, legal structure and key products/services. It answers basic questions like “what is the company?” and “where do they operate?”

3. Industry Analysis: This answers the main question "what industry does the business compete in?" - addressing such things as size, nature, trends, etc.

5. Aggressive Analysis: This section answers the question ”who will the company compete with?" - describing the top 3 industry competitors, methods to actively compete/get ahead, etc.

6. Marketing Plan: Covers the brand definition, promotion strategy and pricing strategy. It answers “how will the business reach customers?”

7. Operations Plan: Description, roles to fill and milestones. It answers “how will it operate?”

8. Management Team: Covers bios and the skills of the management team. It answers “who is beginning and running the company?”

9. Financial Plan: This plan is the revenue and cost drivers, start-up costs, key assumptions to financial statements and the summary for the first five years.

10. Appendices: Supporting documents such as pro forma statements for the first 3 years, annuals for 5 years, resumes from the team, etc.


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