Devising a Convincing Operations Plans
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Though the operations plan section of your business plan is a step further down the road, it shouldn't be brushed aside. This section serves as your chance to show the reader that you know the best industry practises, have thought about how to grow from a small one-person company into a larger one, and that you can view the economy at a wider range.

The Functional Roles

This type of plan needs to detail the number of functions your business needs for success. Here, readers will get a clearer understanding of your type of business, the roles that you and your managers will undertake in the beginning, as well as the roles of your general staff.

The Operations System

This is where you outline the key operation systems to be used (whether they be technology-driven or people-driven) and how they can be used to save money and still have complete product and service quality. This could be sales systems, bookkeeping systems, quality control, inventory and more. Not every piece of the plan needs these incredible ideas, but showing them can be an advantage. However, if you are tinkering with new or untested operating systems (and not lowering costs) readers may feel there is more risk in investing with your company.

The Milestones

Having a list of milestones shows that you are aware of the long-term operations process. This could include introducing new products and services along with the key revenue targets, key partnerships and hiring more employees. This could be achieved in the form of a chart, along with a corresponding narrative to explain each milestone.


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