Writing a Powerful Marketing Strategy
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Having a powerful and engaging marketing strategy can mean the difference between a lucklustre plan and one that makes people want to jump onboard immediately and get the wheels rolling.

Strategy Should Run From the Research

Your marketing research and analysis should meld with the best marketing strategies. If you find that the customer crowd you wish to target enjoys luxury items and inspiring brands, for example, then you should look to create a premium brand with special events and sponsorships - not sales and coupons, because these can cause price competitions and bring your brand down. Readers need to see that you've researched wholeheartedly and used that information to inform your marketing strategy.

Choosing the Best Promotional Methods

You can begin your strategy with a large list of activities. You don't need to employ all of the activities, as that might harm the focus of your sales and marketing staff. As well, if you have too many items listed, readers might question your ability to reach your customers and set your brand.

Price by Rules and Not Numbers

Your pricing strategy should show readers general rules your firm will follow when pricing products and services into the future. This will give them an idea of where you will be in comparison to your competitors. The exact prices for the products/services are secondary. They might even change by the time of launch if they come from supplier prices and competitor prices which are 'moving targets'. With an understanding of the rules you will follow, readers will know how you will make decisions and deal with these situations in the future.


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