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Did you know that an average business plan ranges from 20 to 30 pages? Did you also know that an average investor only reads about one page of each business plan they receive? So how do you get an investor to even read your plan, let alone invest in your company? The simple answer is you impress them, and you can bet your phone will be ringing once you do.

The first thing you should consider is whether or not you're going to write your business plan yourself, or if you're going to bring in a professional to write it for you. There are many benefits of both and you can find many articles on this site to help you make that important decision.

In order to get your reader to read your entire plan, your plan must be addictive. Any potential investor can quickly and easily put your plan in the trash if they are not interested within the first minute of reading it. Some investors might not bother to read a business plan simply because of the way the cover looks! This may seem a little harsh or dismissive, but, regardless, you don't want to give them ANY reason NOT to read your plan. The simple way to overcome these issues is to learn what investors want to read. Your content will need to be as addictive as a movie, full of 'cliffhangers' that hook your reader and make them want to learn more.

How do I make my plan addictive?

Use your executive summary to your advantage. This is where you can bring up exciting factors about why your business venture is the best investment opportunity. You will have the chance to further substantiate your exciting points in other sections of your plan.

Some enticing factors include:

An enticing and addictive business plan is more likely to get funding, instead of getting thrown on the floor or in the trashbin (along with all the other 'less-extraordinary' plans). If your writing is not up to the challenge you might consider hiring a professional business plan writer who has experience writing content investors and lenders want to read.


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