Structuring Your Business Plan
Business Plan Writing Tips

These tips are useful if you are looking to structure your business plan better. By following these tips your readers will not be distracted with formatting or design issues and will be able to see your fabulous business idea for what it is.


The cover of your business plan should be plain and simple. It should include your business name and your name or other contact information. Next you should follow up with a table of contents. Your cover should immediately let readers know what the plan will be about, without any guesswork. The table of contents should be designed in such a way that the reader will be able to find sections of your business plan easily. Some investors go straight to the financial plan, so make sure your table of contents is accurate.

Standardizing Your Outline

Most business plans will have about 10 different sections. These should include:

You can make your text look more attractive by adding graphs, charts and other appropriate graphics. Make sure your graphs and charts have a reason to be included in the plan. Avoid including any images that are superfluous. Keep in mind that images should be used to replace text, so if the image doesnít improve the flow of your plan, donít add it.

Every section should have simple headings. You can also use subsections to assist in breaking up the main sections.


Use standard formatting. Most professional business plans are typed using a twelve-point Arial or Times New Roman font. You should use a standard one-inch margin on each side and each page should be numbered. Also make sure your company name can be found on each page, either as a header or footer.


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