Presenting Your Business Plan - Mistakes to Avoid
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By now you have created a stellar business plan and have piqued the interest of an investor or lender. Whether they have read your entire business plan, or just parts of it, the reader now wants you to present your idea. This can happen in a formal or informal meeting. You may or may not have experience giving presentations, but here are a few tips to ensure that you donít make some common mistakes.

Make sure you time your presentation- It is important that your presentation runs in the time allotted. You want to avoid going long, or short, so make sure your timing is accurate. A well-timed presentation shows your audience that you can follow directions and that you are meticulous. It also shows that you value their time, which gives them more reason to want to work with you.

Avoid having too much text on your slides- Every slide should be easy to read with appropriate graphics or a few bullet points. When you have too much text on your slides, the audience will focus on reading rather than listening to what you have to say. Your readers are most likely going to be many feet away, so having graphics helps them understand what you are trying to say, without them having to strain to read text.

Avoid giving full financials- Your audience has given you an allotted time, so avoid wasting it or boring them with full financial statements. Your financials should be presented in a short summary with only a few key metrics per slide. It is a good idea to present your numbers in a chart or graph, rather than plain text. If your presentation interests your audience, you will have a chance to explain your full financial statements at a later time.


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