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If you have decided to start a business, you have probably realized that you need a professional business plan. Choosing a business plan writer or consultant doesn't have to be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right service.

It's not about the price

Avoid choosing a business plan writer simply based on price. Look for a qualified writer, as they can increase your chances for success. If you have no idea what should be included in a business plan, you should avoid low-cost providers who are just out to make a quick buck. Quality writers will know what a professional business plan should look like, and you are less likely to encounter disappointments in the future.

It's about the quality

Make sure to see samples of the writer's previous work. This will give you the chance to judge their quality. Obviously, their work should be free of any typo's or grammatical errors. Look for clear and concise writing. Ask for a sample of each section of the business plan, if possible. This way you can gauge the writer's strengths and weaknesses.

Ask for their track record and references

An experienced business plan writer will be able to show their rate of success rather than a few stories of extraordinary success. Look for success in terms of dollar amounts and actual funding received by their previous clients. An experienced business plan writer will also be able to provide references of satisfied clients.

What is their collaborative process?

Any experienced business plan writer will have his or her own sense of what type of collaborative process works best. This includes initial interviews, research phases, and checkpoints where drafts are submitted for your perusal. Experienced writers are aware of the effect a proper process can have on the development and success of any business plan.


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